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    Re: Paint colours

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/17/2001, 10:27 pm , in reply to "Paint colours"


    Triple Ed beat me to it and he's right with the number. However....your chances of getting original Suzuki paint are somewhere in the zero to minus 5 range on the scale of probability. The stuff dried up years ago and US Suzuki turfed it.
    The paint only came in small tins and was strictly intended for touch up use.
    Yes I know...those paint shop bandidos REALLY try to stick it to you, BUT....
    if you shop around these days you'll find pricing much more competitive as there are more scanners in use at more shops. For the best match, take your tank off (after draining fuel of course LOLOLOL) and let them scan the colour on the UNDERSIDE of the tank. The later coats added (if any) can USUALLY be removed with little effort and will allow you to get at the original paint quite easily. That will be as close as you will get, short of borrowing Triple Ed's tank for scanning. LOLOLOL....although I shouldn't laugh because people have done just that.
    Painting is usually no's the striping that makes the job.


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