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    I think it was Kevin Cameron who said...

    Posted by Kris Larrivee on 5/18/2001, 9:30 am , in reply to "Re: WARNING!!!!!!!!! Do not use air pressure to...."

    "The only reason the great tuners and builders can see so far, is because they are standing on a mountain of broken engine parts." I know I've mangled the quote a little bit, but it applies. I've got a degree in destruction from the school of backyard mechanics. Up in my neck of the woods, the only tools we have in our boxes are vise grips and a hammer and chisel. My exhausts (straight pipe only, man!) are hung with baling wire. The seat upholsterer only uses duct tape (available in three colors!) My spark plugs are finger tight because I can't afford a plug wrench. The only time I change the oil in my bike is when it's all gone. My drive chain would be all rust, except it's so loose it drags on the ground. I have to wear a hockey helmet when I ride, so the cops won't pull me over, but I still like to wear shorts, sneakers and fingerless gloves. I run without an airbox, because it gives me "horsepower" and my idea of "jetting" is going to the local runway with a six-pack to watch the Cessnas take off. Anybody want to go for a ride?


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