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    "It Can Be Done!"

    Posted by JP on 5/18/2001, 1:28 pm , in reply to "Re: WARNING!!!!!!!!! Do not use air pressure to...."

    I've had some success with the air method. One big tip is to firmly secure the lower edges with clamps and bits of wood to prevent the tank from opening like a hungry clam. I've also made odd shaped long hammering tools out of bar stock and with time and patience have been able to remove some nasty hard to get at dents. As Cameron said trial and error is a great teacher. In regard to the air thing it is nice to have a regulated supply so you can add pressure slowly. Sometimes light tapping around the edges of a shallow dent will aid in getting it to pop out. Gotta go tune the Titan,haven't touched it in 6k and its sounding a little rough. I told the boss I was taking off at noon to mow the lawn-OLLOLO.Guzzi John


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