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    Posted by Muzza on 5/19/2001, 5:47 am , in reply to "Re: May Issue of Classic Bike"

    Perth is the end of the universe mate, it is 2,000 miles between Perth and the next sizeable city (ie Adelaide)and it is all desert in between if you head East, with not even one river to cross. When you get there it is dead endsville (you can't even drink the water)and another 1,000 miles to Sydney, and where the hell is that in the scale of things? It is all Ocean in the other direction. Basically the most isolated city of this size in the world. I would bet even more so than Calgary! By the time CB gets here and it only goes to a handful of shops it is 3 months old and costs a bucket of money. For some reason, they wait until the remaindered copies come back in the UK from the newsagents and send them to Australia and charge almost $14 Aus for them, that is US$7 and most of it is about Pommy (ie British) stuff that I don't relate to. Classic Racer takes as long to get here and costs even more. I have to takes what I can gets and it ain't much. I need whatever help I can get.
    I'd subscribe but there is a lot of guff in that mag I don't like and some guy in it used to give me the shittle bits with his hopeless articles...Seeley I think his name was (not the frame maker). He was ignorant but didn't know it and he didn't like two strokes, Jap bikes or anything not British.


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