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    Posted by H2RICK on 5/19/2001, 8:15 am , in reply to "H2RICK IS RIGHT ON!"

    Thanks for the kind words Cappy. You are the kind of guy this board needs with the equipment and know-how. Now if you 2 guys can get together....the work can be done correctly and easily and (probably) cheaply.
    I learned a long time ago that there's NO cheap way to do brake work of any kind. Same for other running gear (tires/wheels/forks/shocks). If those things are right you'll usually stay out of trouble. If the engine dies or starts doing crazy things, no probs....BUT...bad brakes ?? Oh Oh...danger danger. Oncoming cager suddenly turns left in front of you without signalling ?? Brakes not working properly ?? Get out your Blue Cross card or favourite credit card. Hospitals don't take cheques.
    Bad running'll fall off by smacking a curb on an off ramp or other corner OR have a tire go flat on you on the Interstate at 75+ and all you can see in BOTH mirrors is the word "FREIGHTLINER". Verrrrrry bad timing for a problem with running gear.


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