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    "Do It Yourself!"

    Posted by JP on 5/20/2001, 7:51 pm , in reply to "Does anyone know where I can get a new clutch case gasket.I don't want to use blue glue."

    Make one! In olden times there were no dies that cut the gaskets out by the million. I like to trace and cut the outside shape and then glue the gasket material to the cover with something like 'Copper Coat" and when it's dry carefully cut the inner edge and finally cut the bolt holes. It may seem like a lot of work but it is an easy art to master and rather satisfying skill to have. Friday night I helped my son-in-law fit a new stator to his Tempter and cut the gasket using my 'Buck' multi-tool I carry on my belt. The key is patience and a sharp knife. We used red silicone because that's all I had,but any non-hardening goo will suffice. You can use hardening cement but sell the bike so you don't have to struggle with any future disassembly! Don't cut yourself! Good luck-Guzzi John


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