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    Re: GT 550 trouble (again...)

    Posted by Harri on 5/21/2001, 4:07 am , in reply to "Re: GT 550 trouble (again...)"

    Thankīs for advice, but I think thatīs not the problem...itīs more like itīs getting too much fuel / itīs not igniting, because spark plug is wet (gasoline) when I remove it and unburned gasoline is dripping from left exhaust pipe...). More specs of engine: Very mildly ported cylinders (actually you could say "cleaned" ports, forged pistons, 1 mm removed from head, "free flowing" aircleaners, 110 main jets (too big?), needles in third groove from up, float levels set 25,7 mm (ok, ~26 mm ;=)), "race" exhaust (3 separate pipes), newtronics ignition (timing 3,7 mm BDTC). Iīm thinking itīs the ign.pole, but how can I be sure? when slowly turning the engine over, all 3 plugs ignite wery well (this is how I finally got ignition timing set; i removed plugs and left them hanging on cables, then by hand cranked engine over with ign. on, and plugs gave wery nice sparks).


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