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    My bargain T250 projects needs some help

    Posted by tbrock on 5/21/2001, 11:23 am

    In an evening of boredom and an excess of cheap beer, I finally got around to getting my $100 1972 T250 running. The seller claimed it needed a new point assembly, but what it needed was a new left coil. No bid deal, the stock toolkit in the side cover alone was probably worth half of the $100 price, at least on ebay it might be. I pulled a coil assembly out of a T20 parts box, installed the pair and the bike started right up.
    The problem that I am having is that I have doubts that the 35 year old T20 coils are not up to par with what the T250 needs. Does anyone have suggestions for a cheap replacement for the T250 coils, cheap being my main concern?

    thanks in advance for any help or harassment.


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