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    T500 gearshift problem

    Posted by Bill on 5/21/2001, 2:24 pm

    My '72 T500 on occasion balks on the upshift into fifth gear. I get a neutral and I must give the gear shift another tug to engage fifth gear. My guess is that his happens once in every ten to fifteen upshifts into fifth gear. Also, on the downshift I occasionally also encounter a false neutral. Most of the time the shift is very smooth. It seems to happen more on a hot engine. I have noticed that the the shift detent plug has somewhat rounded corners and really seems torqued on. I can't see a gasket on the detent plug and there seems to be a little oil weep. Perhaps a former owner really cinched down the plug to try to stop a leak.
    So the question is, is this a harbinger of the dreaded fourth/fifth gear meltdown syndrome on the T500 or could it simply be something to do with the shift detent? I am a little fearful to put too much force on the detent plug to loosen it up for fear of breaking something but if the fix is to remove the plug and check the spring and detent I will trust to luck and give it a try. Thanks in advance for all good suggestions.


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