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    Re: Many More Questions (T500 racer project)

    Posted by TODD T. on 5/21/2001, 4:00 pm , in reply to "Many More Questions (T500 racer project)"

    So far I have used Belray Si-7 and Klotz Techniplate synthetic. I like Klotz, it is for premix and/or injector use. It is just easier to buy it at the shop instead of ordering the Belray. You don't want to mix brands of oil in the premix or injector. I use Golden Spectro in the tranny. For a deal on leathers try (or something like that). He has used, high dollar leathers and closeouts on many brands. New, unused last years designs are much cheaper than buying at the store. The washers in the Progressive kit are useful if you forget to wire something, but I wouldn't use them instead of drilling for the whole bike. That twister thing in the kit is junk; safety wire pliers are definately worth the money. I guess thats my 2 cents.


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