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    Re: Many More Questions (T500 racer project)

    Posted by Zooke on 5/21/2001, 11:05 pm , in reply to "Many More Questions (T500 racer project)"

    1) I'm running the GT500 bottom end, with the PEI. Should I run the stock coils or go with something
    hotter? If so, what kind and where can I get them?

    Stock will work but aftermarket with same ohm as stock will have a hotter spark at all rpms and work better

    2) Does anybody have any recommendations about leathers Brands, two piece or one-piece, cost,
    suppliers. Boots? Gloves? I'm on a budget, but don't want to skimp on safety.

    dont get the cheapest and go with a Brand name. Yearend closeouts are good. I like a two-piece as you are able to take off the jacket to work on the bike quickly if needed.

    3) Safety wiring: What do you guys think of the kit from Progressive, with the fold up washers? Or is
    drilling everything better?

    Drill the bolts and get a set of saftey wire pliers.

    4) What about in-line fuel filters? Do you guys run them? If so, what kind?

    It would have saved my holed piston at Daytona. Get a large one

    5) Zooke mentions converting to a 520 chain for racing. What type of chain, sprockets work best (I
    know I'll have to work out the gearing)?

    I can get you 520 for the T500 if you want. I use an O-ring chain contrary to what other people say. Once warmed up it works like a standard of heavy duty non-oring.

    6)One more time, I know it's a 40:1 pre-mix in the tank and the pump wired on the second notch,
    what oil should I run in the tank? The injector resevoir? The gearbox?

    I use Klotz TCW-3 injector for the pump and SuperTechniplate for the tank with Benoil


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