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    Re: What.....No Racing This Weekend ??

    Posted by Darrell on 5/22/2001, 2:01 pm , in reply to "What.....No Racing This Weekend ??"

    I have a race coming up this weekend, (Firebird race track in Phoenix, Az.) but I'm not sure I'll make it. I have my 74 Buffalo (GT750) back together, but am having trouble getting the engine sorted out after a rebuild. The carbs are new and I'm trying to put the fine tune on them. I am working on it every night after work and with all the other little details I have to take care of it will be close. But if I EVER get this thing back on the track, I'll let ya'll know. And if I don't make it, well I guess I won't have to get out in the forcast 105 degrees heat of the day.


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