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    Cheers JA ... I'll have to get busy with the ruler!

    Posted by Craig on 5/23/2001, 3:16 am , in reply to "Re: GT550 performance porting"

    I've already got a lightly skimmed head (20thou off) which has helped mid-range quite nicely, and I've been told by a UK triples guru that raising the exhaust roof by 1mm will give a nice boost in top end without too much loss lower down.

    The inlets and transfers on the 380 are conventional but pretty big (two big transfers, one big inlet, no window on the piston).

    I suspect that it can easily pump enough into the cylinder, but simply has a mild exhaust port timing for good mid-range -- as you know, top-end is not the forte of Suzi triples.

    But thanks, I'll try and get some measurements done.


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