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    timing a race engine

    Posted by Adam Linnebur on 5/23/2001, 10:30 pm

    I bought a race titan with a siezed crank. I replaced the crank honed the cylanders and now I want to time it. It has big sudco carbs, expansion chambers from the UK, welded squish heads, and what seems to be the following port timing mods:Exhaust raised 5mm, widened 10 mm, transferrs left stock except lower transferr bar removed, intakes lowered 4mm widened 10mm. It was a real screamer out west and I dont want to burn any holes in my pistons the first time out. Does any one have timing suggestions. If so please make them as clear as possible I dont understand "techy short speak", as you may have already noticed by my wordiness. Perhaps someone could compare race timing to factory. You all seem to know what works. Thanks a lot.


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