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    Re: timing a race engine

    Posted by Adam Linnebur on 5/23/2001, 11:43 pm , in reply to "Re: timing a race engine"

    "What igniton are you running?"
    It came with a dana s pickups and dana 3.0 ohms coils. Its a custom set up with a machined adapter to the crank end which makes me a bit suspicious and I'm considering using the stock points with the charging system until I can become a little more certain of how things should be set up, but for the sake of argument I'll say I'm using the dana s's and total loss.
    "What cc's are the heads?"
    Written on the bottom of the head in my hand writing is 28.8cc. Does this sound right? I dont remember how I got this measurement. (I've been a long time in setting the bike up for one hand operation.) How is the cc's measured correctly? Is it the volume of the heads combustion chamber flush to the face with the plug in? I will do it over if this is the right way to measure it.
    "what is the squish clearance?"
    How is the squish done correctly? I saw my buddy putting play-dough on a 250 Duc piston one time in college. Is this what you mean? Do I just put a snake around the edge, torque the head turn it over and then measure the thickness on the piston?
    By the way I really apreciate the speedy responce. I had too little faith. I'm starting to remember why I liked racing.


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