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    Posted by AJ on 5/24/2001, 10:06 am

    Hi all,

    I'm getting very frustrated with my GT550. It runs fairly well on the left and center cylinder, but the right cylinder is not working. I did have it running on the right cylinder at one point, but have not been able to do it again. The cylinder is getting fuel because I am getting a fuel/oil mixture leaking out of the exhaust. It has a spark. I checked this by pulling the spark plug out and starting the bike (plug was reconnected to the wires). The plug was sparking. It had a bluish or purplish spark. The piston chamber has some type of compression because I can feel it (don't have a tool to measure it). My timing is set per the Clymer manual. My battery checked 12.53 when I was trying to start it with just the third cylinder (left and right were unplugged). If anyone has any ideas, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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