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    Re: T500

    Posted by MP on 5/24/2001, 7:52 pm , in reply to "T500 "

    If the pistons aren't frozen in the bores it is easy to do. Take off the spark plugs and loosen the cylinder head nuts in sequential crosswise fashion, starting with the 4 big ones, then the 4 smaller ones. It is important to do it crosswise in small increments because the heads can warp. Once they are removed, remove the cylinder heads and gaskets. Then you can simply pull the jugs up one at a time over and off the pistons.
    Manuals are frequently for sale on ebay, search under T500. Also, this UFOB Muzza has posted on his website full assembly diagrams for the T500 and other useful information as well. Check it out at:
    Good luck and ask questions here, they are the nicest lot of guys you'll find.


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