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    Re: What Happened @ Deal's Gap This Year ???

    Posted by Frank on 5/25/2001, 9:20 am , in reply to "What Happened @ Deal's Gap This Year ???"

    I attended the two-stroke meet at Deal's Gap on my 76 GT750. There were only two other Suzukis at the meet, a GT380 and a very impressive GT750 with factory style crossover chambers, later dual disc frontend and alum swing arm. The GT380 gave up the ghost sometime on Friday and the owner spent the rest of the weekend pulling the head and discovering the center piston had suffered damage. The vast majority of the bikes in attendance were Kawasakis. Over 25 bike were in attendance, including two serious H2750 dragsters. Both dragsters were fired-up for burnouts. Also in attendance were three Yamahas: a RD250 with 350 Cyls, a RD400 Daytona Special and a RZ500 4 Cyl two-stroke. Only one two-stroker had an accident (the RZ500) but the damage was minor and the rider was not hurt. There were two other accidents that weekend, one serious when a GSXR1000 rider wheelee off a cliff and broke his leg. The police were not to be seen, so we were not hassled by them. It was very impressive when the two-strokers when for a ride. The noise created by 15 two strokes with chambers all running at the same time got everyones attention. As the group broke up there was an agreement to hold another meet at the gap later in the summer. I would highly recommend everyone attending.

    Frank Tarpley
    Decatur, AL


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