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    TODD: you obviously can't be a serious.....

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/25/2001, 11:57 pm , in reply to "I WORK EVERY OTHER WEEKEND."

    racer, letting work interfere with racing. LOLOLOL. Just kidding.
    The pics look great on my screen saver at work. Everyone that sees them says
    "What the hell is that thang ??" . Of course I have to explain that that's what MY GT550 would look like if it went racing. Most of them go away shaking their heads over ANYONE racing a bike that's 25 years old. Of course I look at them with pity cuz they're nothing but a bunch of office wonks in the first place and secondly none of them have bikes of ANY kind, even a Harley. For the most of them, their idea of excitement is changing the paper roll in their adding machines. LOLOL. Good luck at Roebling, wherever the heck that is.


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