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    Posted by TODD T. on 5/26/2001, 11:21 am

    Here are a couple questions for anyone out there who cares to answer. Does the "Ram Air" scoop on the GT 380 and 550 actually do anything? I have read old articles that claimed it made a big performance difference by keeping the heads cooler. Was that just hype? I would think it would make the bike hotter if you were in stop and go traffic by holding the heat in over the head. Would it help my race bike run cooler on the track? I took it off to make it easier to change plugs and just to have more room to work. Should I put it back on? Question#2: With all the modifications I've made to my bike, it weighs 370 lb. That is quite a bit lighter than a stock GT 550. I am using stock GT 750 front forks with about 1.5 inch preload spacers. The front end seems a little stiff and wooden. Would the Gt 550 front end with softer springs be better, given the weight of my bike? I weigh 165 lb. by the way. Is there a bike of the same time period, around the same weight, that would have a complete front end that I could swap out? I was thinking of a Yam...(you know) RD 400 or a Hondahahah CB 750. Somthing that handled better and had better brakes but would still fit in the Suzuki headset or use the same stearing head bearings. Is all that possible in one package?


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