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    Re: Just because we need something to talk about...

    Posted by Scott on 5/26/2001, 1:18 pm , in reply to "Just because we need something to talk about..."

    Suspension setup is something of a black art to those of us who don't really know what the bike is telling us when we try to ride it fast. There are many variables involved, and only riders with lots of experience can tell definitely what the problem(s) with that particular setup might be. Street bikes, as a rule, are softly sprung. When we take one to the track, the compromises made to make the bike handle well on the street don't cut it. It seems you have a lot of preload when what you (may) need is a higher spring rate. Preload DOES NOT change the spring rate! Too much (or too little) preload can in fact cause problems. Damping for a street bike is also not ideal for a racebike. Remember, the manufacturer wants the ride (on the road) to be smooth and comfortable. When racing, you want feedback from the suspension and tires to warn you of the limit of the bike's abilities,and control over what the bike is doing; smooth and comfortable don't even rate consideration! I recommend you visit and try out their setup guide. Failing that, experiment with different preload spacers and spring rates. Maybe one of the more experienced racers on the board would have a better idea of what to do with your suspension because "stiff and wooden" is not what you want. As for the Ram Air things, that has been discussed on the board in the past; as I remember, they do very little for the bike's performance and taking them off won't hurt it. I don't think they are even legal in some vintage racing organizations.



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