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    Re: Just because we need something to talk about...

    Posted by JP on 5/26/2001, 5:04 pm , in reply to "Just because we need something to talk about..."

    In the dim past (70s) I used a tx/xs500 fork on my rd400. This is after an encounter with a large tree off BIR's turn 3(I actually ran off turn 2 flat out and ended up in the woods off 3). The swap was a bolt on and offered the ability to put two disks in front and an rd drum in back. This combined with early tx650/750 aluminum rims improved both braking and unsprung weight. If I were looking to improve my titan I might look at a gs450/500 plus the later brakes and rims if legal in your situation. The one fork that sticks in my mind is the fzr400. It was said to be a lot better than the fzr600 of the same vintage. Then a whole fzr400 chassis would be neat to have but hard to find. Its a pity the titan is so bulky,a cb1 or 400 bandit might also be possible. That's enough senile ramblings for now,have fun. Guzzi John


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