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    Both seat and fairing are hand crafted one offs...blah...blah...

    Posted by TODD T. on 5/26/2001, 9:20 pm , in reply to "Todd T. TNTGT Looks Good..."

    Well, actually the fairing was a fiberglass, after market fairing that was on a Suzuki Turbo a friend of mine restored. I cut and patched it and made aluminum brackets for it to get it to fit. With the big bubble windscreen, I think it looks accurate for the period. The tail section was done in aluminum sheet by my fabricator friend who also races flat track. I made a cardboard model of what I wanted and got it to fit the bike, then broke it down in sections to use as a template for the aluminum sections. I cut the aluminum and then he did all the hard part. He hand formed the curved pieces and then welded it all. He is quite a craftsman, and it helps that he loves motorcycle racing. He told me he couldn't charge enough to make it worth the time it takes to make this kind of part. He did mine for free. If I stay with this, and don't destroy the bike on the track, I'm hoping he will make a gas tank for me for next season. Check out to get ideas for body work. They have lots of vintage stuff, but I couldn't afford to buy much of it. It did give me ideas about how I wanted my bike to look. Basically, I didn't pay anything for either the fairing or the tail section, except paint and my time.


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