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    Re: Kris, did you drill the rotors?

    Posted by Kris Larrivee on 5/26/2001, 10:14 pm , in reply to "Kris, did you drill the rotors?"

    I think I'll have my buddy with a drill press do the work. He's been building and racing bikes for years, and when he says he can do it, I trust him. I've been so busy trying to get the motor together and round up the rest of the parts I need, the rotor issue got lost in the shuffle. I'm headed to the Vintage Only Event at Shannonville tomorrow to pick up my clip-ons and tires, and possibly many other parts for the project as well. The bike building process has been stalled for the last week waiting for parts. I'm just glad I noticed that crack in the piston skirt before I assembled the engine. Guess it just illustrates the fact that even new parts need to be inspected thoroughly before use.


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