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    Some suggestions for racing setup

    Posted by Muzza on 5/27/2001, 7:28 am , in reply to "Ram Air Shroud"

    Nothing much wrong with the GT550 front forks, don;t make them too stiff. Keep them soft until you are comfortable with handling it at speed then start to experiment. Soft is OK, but not too soft. If they don't bottom out under brakes they aren't too soft. A fork brace is better than a lot of preload. You want to take the flex out. If a fork brace ain't allowed then make up a stiff front mudguard. You'll find a lot of the front end problems are probably more to do with the rear shocks. Ditch the old Suzi shocks and get some good ones such as Konis. Don't get the street setup as your bike is a lot lighter now. Go for a lighter spring and experiment.


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