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    T500 Front Wheel

    Posted by Phil Collins on 6/2/2001, 3:25 pm

    My T500 has got a very dull alloy front wheel thats in need of some TLC. Whats the easiest way of cleaning and polishing the wheel back to a shine? Must I strip the wheel down to get at the hub for polishing or is it just hard graft poking a polishing head between the spokes? What about laquer? Will ordinary clear cellulose stay on the rim?

    Also, can anyone advise me about my expansion chambers. I have got the cone sections nearly ready for welding together. They are taped and wired to the bike but is it best to tack-weld them while they are in place or is it OK to mark the pipe with matching marks and weld off the bike?

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Phil C (UK)


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