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    Sorry TODD, no harm intended, but at least....

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/3/2001, 2:12 pm , in reply to "H2, YOU JINKED ME ON THE NUMBER THING !!!"

    you got at least one 1 in there. LOLOL
    How about trying WERA on with Roman numerals ?? 212 would be CCXII...well actually a little worse, isn't it ?? How about 2001 ?? MMI would still let you use electricians' tape wouldn't it ??
    Too bad about the sponsorship thing. LOLOL
    As for's nicely symetrical and I think if you ask any numeroligist they'll tell you that that's important. Also I think you would want to consult some kind of Asian fortune teller...I think 2's and 1's are big over there....and you ARE riding a Japanese built bike, after all. I think 212 looks OK.....but, as always, your racing results may vary due to rider skills/machinery, track conditions and numbers/skills/machinery of opponents. LOLOL
    Good luck.


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