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    Deal of the Month...... AND it's only June 4th

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/4/2001, 8:47 am , in reply to "A T250 for less than 10 cents/cc"


    IF it has good compression and IF the rest of it is not TOO tattered/rusty, he may get away with a reasonable outlay in bux. Probably needs tires and a chain though and a thorough going-over.
    We should start a pool on this. Not having seen the bike.....I'll bet on about US$ 250.00 to make it into a rider....not a complete resto....and that estimate does not include any labour.
    That's US$ 1 per cc which is not too bad for a piece of history. Of course, as we all remember, the T250 is the "son" of the T20, otherwise famous as the X6 Hustler. The Hustler introduced a six speed gearbox when all the Brit bikes and Harleys had four speeds and other Japanese bikes had five speeds. Quite a novelty in its day. I remember the Suzuki ads of the day with medium close shot of a guy on a Hustler leading a bunch of "bikers" on their Triumphs and Harleys. The lead line was something about "leave the pack behind on your new six speed Suzuki". LOLOLOL
    Good luck to your buddy with his project. Keep us up to speed on this.


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