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    A GT550 tale of woe

    Posted by Warren on 6/4/2001, 11:48 pm

    Wanted a project, always liked the GT550 so I found a pretty well taken care of, forest green 76. Really dirty, but it looked like it would clean up well as it had been stored in a heated garage, had great compression, looked like a winner. It had a little rattle in the right cylinder but I figured, hey, it's only got 10k miles, if I gotta do a top end, no sweat. Bought the bike. After a week of cleaning it shines like a new penny. Baffle plates in the lower left pipe all broken out so I replaced the pipe. As I rode it for a few miles the rattle seemed to be getting worse, so just to make sure, I yanked the head. (Here's the horror part) To start, .060 Wiseco's. What the hell happened to this bike that it's got .060 overbores. Not only that, but the right piston has ten evenly spaced score marks that look like either the piston was a bad casting, or the bore was out of round. The top of the center piston and the combustion chamber looked like someone had attacked them with a pick hammer. In the center crankcase I found four pieces of the original Suzuki dykes ring, a chunk of which had migrated up a transfer port after having been wedged between the piston skirt and the intake port leaving a crack in the skirt. All the hammering on the piston crown had seized the top ring, but interestingly not the second ring, so it still had compression and made no noise. The left barrel was fine. No other problems that I can see. Now for my current dilemma. The rods, crank and seals are tight, the rest of the bike is beautiful, but I need to find a set of standard bore barrels and a head. Anyone?


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