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    Posted by TODD T. on 6/6/2001, 10:03 pm

    During the last race at Putnam I felt a strong vibration in the foot pegs. The bike was running really strong so I pressed on. When I got home and checked things out, I found that my center expansion chamber had cracked, almost in half, at the baffle cone. I decided that was what caused the vibration, and had the pipe welded up. I wanted to upgrade for my race at Roebling RD, so I installed the cylinders and 32mm carbs I got from Zooke. I have not recieved my "new" pipes yet so I put on my old ones. After getting the carbs synched, I can tell the motor revs easier and seems more powerfull. The problem is the left cylinder has a vibration, or rattle to it. I have the heads cut in three seperate pieces and you can see the left cylinder shake more than the center or right. It makes a metalic rattle sound. I think that is what I actually felt in the race at Putnam. I tore the top end down, and didn't find any damage to the piston or cylinder. The connecting rod for the left cylinder seems to move more side to side on the crank than the right. But the bearings seem OK. Is it possible that the crank wheels on that cylinder have spread apart? There is more room between the thrust washers and the crank wheels on this cylinder than the others. Is it junk? What can I do to keep this from happening again? I have 3 more cranks but supposedly this was the best one. All this when I thought I had found the extra power to improve at Roebling Rd.


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