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    Posted by Craig on 6/7/2001, 3:15 am , in reply to "HAVE I DESTROYED MY CRANK?"

    Todd, I've no experience of racing triples at all, but I can pass on some advice from a UK guy -- Barry Hart of Sparton -- that used to do watercooled top-ends for 380 and 550 triples for racing in the 70s. They used to sleeve them down for use in 350 and 500cc classes. He now runs a Porsche shop in the UK.

    These motors put out 50+bhp (380) and 70+ (550) so they were very hot, and he said although the crank and bearings are very strong in themselves, the main bearings are only a press fit in the cases and with big power / rpm, the stresses cause the bearings to start spreading and moving. They used to peg them into the cases so they couldn't move, and that used to do the trick apparently. I think they used to weld the cranks too, but not 100% certain about that.

    Hope this helps you, like I say I've never track raced, but this is what the guy said. I'd love to spend some time with him and get more info on all this stuff, as I'm pretty sure they were unique in doing this stuff.


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