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    H2Rick -- another piece in the puzzle from the Kawa triples forum

    Posted by Craig on 6/7/2001, 3:22 am

    If you've seen it, no worries. Nev on the Kawa forum posted this in response to my post, asking if any from the 'dark side' knew about GT550s:

    Nev wrote:
    "I suspect Suzuki did this to make room for the two extra little boost ports at the rear of the cyl. The model with chrome bores has this and it would be very difficult to make these ports anyway without having the extra thickness of the cast iron sleeve. This is only my ponderings not a known fact. I can't remember exactly but I think we used to put PE175 pistons in the early ones to make them 610. They would go nearly as well as a tired H1 then! Very heavy bikes."


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