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    Re: holed piston

    Posted by Dave Pratt on 6/10/2001, 11:28 am , in reply to "Re: holed piston"

    Yeah, the guy I bought the bike from gave me his number. I left a voicemail yesterday.
    My other concern is that I'll fix the piston and the first time I go for a ride it'll break again. Anybody have any ideas of what could have caused it? The bike was running great right up until the piston decided to give up the ghost. I plan on rebuilding the carbs, replacing the fuel filter, and flushing the tank and fuel lines to insure that it doen't go lean and burn up. Is there anything else that I should check?
    Also I've never had a 2 stroke before and I noticed it vibrates quite a bit at freeway speeds, is this normal or an indication of some sort of trouble?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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