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    '72GT 750 dumping oil mixture out exhaust

    Posted by jose on 6/10/2001, 5:32 pm

    Just started up my '72GT 750 after a long winter. She started right up, smokes alot probably from too much oil in the crankcase. But it dumps oil slowly from the exhaust ports (all three).
    When opening the throttle it smokes alot, also from the exhaust ports.

    The bike has 3 into 3 chambers from Jemco, K&N's,
    and the previous owner jetted it to 130.
    Also the oil setting is stock.
    The bike rides and pulls smoothly from as low as 2000rpm.
    Any one running a similar bike?
    My guess is the jets are too big.
    I would like to cure at least the smoking from the exhaust ports.

    Also I installed new turn signals on my bike (mini stalks), They turn on but will not flash.
    I don't know a thing about electrics.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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