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    TNTGT 550 TAKES 2ND IN FORMULA 500 & V3 at Roebling

    Posted by TODD T. on 6/11/2001, 7:59 pm

    Ok, the rain scared most riders away. Guys broke down in F 500, I didn't fall down; I got 2nd. They really fast guy on a Triumph triple in V3 broke down, I got 2nd. I was getting killed on top speed on any thing close to a straight away, My bike ran like a big pile of...crap. It handled and stopped (in the rain) very well so I kept up Ok in the corners. I had changed the fork springs and the angle of my rear shocks to soften the suspension and it definately worked. Hopefully my new pipes, which arrived too late to use, will give me more power and more RPM. "Dammit Scottie, I need more power!" I think the real strategy is to just build a bike that can make it around the track for 8 laps without blowing up and ride it without wrecking. Apparently, if you can do those two things, you get trophies. Hopefully things will improve at Mid Ohio.


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