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    Good Job Todd!

    Posted by Kris Larrivee on 6/11/2001, 11:48 pm , in reply to "TNTGT 550 TAKES 2ND IN FORMULA 500 & V3 at Roebling"

    Now if only I could get out on the track. Whomever said that most races are won or lost in the garage knew what they were talking about. You may not have had the fastest or most powerful bike, but it was obviously better prepared or just plain tougher, because it survived where others did not. That's a testament to your set-up, (and probably to the know-how of former Suzuki engineers!). The fact that you rode in the rain with a poor running bike and got 2nd, while others sat at home picking their noses, is a testament to your ability to adapt to anything and still stay in the contest. Good show, I look forward to hearing more about your exploits!



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