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    Re: One more T250 question

    Posted by todd on 6/12/2001, 5:09 pm , in reply to "Re: One more T250 question"

    That all makes sense, and the A. Grahm Bell formula could be helpful. Is there any concern to back the ignition down to from 26 to 24 degrees? That could give me some more mid-range, possibly?

    I have temporarily decided to keep the Swarbricks on the bike and give it a shot this weekend. I invested in a rev limiter, and am having it overnighted from pro-flo. A cheap way to keep my crank in one piece, that is if i have time to get it installed. It may just give me that little piece of mind that i need to get that bike out on the track with confidence. It sounds like a ticking time bomb when you ring it's neck, just plain unnatural sounding. As long as I know it won't rev itself into oblivion I'm happy.


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