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    Posted by JP on 6/12/2001, 5:35 pm , in reply to "TNTGT 550 TAKES 2ND IN FORMULA 500 & V3 at Roebling"

    I thought those wheels tweeked my senile noodle-(just like my old RD's). You're going about it the right way slow but sure. Get your riding down pat and then worry about top end & lap times. I learned the hard way and had many ruined pistons to show for it. A 2nd and a 3rd are the best I could do in five years of trying so you are off to a great start. I might suggest weight reduction as your next aim,both for you and the bike. Although I weighed merely #175 back then, I had a hard time keeping up to rabid teenagers who were #50+ lighter. If they're legal maybe some later brakes or a whole front end. Keep the reports coming and maybe some action pix too! Good Luck,Guzzi John


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