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    Great Stuff, Muzza, and a beautiful just fill in...

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/16/2001, 3:17 am , in reply to "GT model guide now on line"

    the blanks. ALL the 250's were known in North America as the "Hustler" after the original X-6 designation disappeared at the end of the 68 model year and the changeover to the T-250. ALL the 550's were Indys, ALL the 750s were Le Manses and ALL the 500s were Titans (except, of course, the early years).
    Nice catch on the GT185 "Adventurer" (Wow, you must be REALLY old to remember that). On that other site for the earlier bikes, the T305 was the "Raider" but I can't remember if the TC305 had a name or not. That is a REALLY rare bike.
    We never got the GT 50, GT 100 or GT 125 in North America so I can't help with names for any of those, although I have seen pics of the 100 and 125 before. If memory serves, the GT 100 was the A100 with tarted-up trim but the same t-bone pressed steel frame and horizontal single cylinder engine with NO Ram Air. I'll talk to the Water Buffalo King to see if he can remember if the TC305 had a name. He had an original brand new X-6 in 67-68 but was seduced by the Blue Streak Mach III when it came out in the Fall of 68 (ahhhh....the Dark Side).
    However, he came back to the True Faith when he bought a brand new first year 72 GT750 in the Spring of 72 in that eye-catching gold paint. After many trials and tribulations, that original 750 came back to him about 2 months ago......almost 30 years later. Ain't life strange ???


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