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    Re: Great Stuff, Muzza, and a beautiful just fill in...

    Posted by Muzza on 6/16/2001, 4:53 am , in reply to "Great Stuff, Muzza, and a beautiful just fill in..."

    Yep, yep, know that, but it would be awfully confusing to the rest of the world to call the GT250 a hustler for example. Even Suzuki didn't call it that on the pamphlets. I know that these sort of things can be confusing, for example the GSX750 in Oz was still called a GS750 in the US.
    Anyway, I'll see what I can do one day. I still have all the other Suzi 2 strokes to post yet.
    I'll probably only do models up to the 80s as I am super ignorant after that.


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