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    Re: GT model guide now on line

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 11:40 am , in reply to "GT model guide now on line"

    I think the TC250 and the TC305 used the same names as their low pipe "brothers". I talked to the WBK yesterday, as his memory of those days is a LOT better than mine. He had a 1968 X-6 from new and was really into Suzuki at that time. He couldn't remember any different names for the 250 and 305, so those will have to stand for now.
    Wow, a non-RamAir later 250 ?? I'm sure it was NOT sold in North America...
    maybe Europe / Oz only ?? Live and learn.
    The WBK remembers that the 380 WAS sold for ONE more model year (1978 "C") in Europe after discontinuation in North Amrica at the end of the 1977 ("B") model year but you say sold for ANOTHER year somewhere else ?? That would make it an "N" ??? Where was this model sold ?? Europe/Oz again ??
    This is all TOO strange. I think I'll have another Big Rock to settle my mind. LOLOL


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