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    The REAL scoop on GT550's....Muzza's opinion not withstanding....

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 12:09 pm , in reply to "Re: T500 and GT500 neck and neck...OH...GT550 brakes later and takes the inside!"

    Actually, Phil, the GT550 is the epitome and zenith of 2 stroke 3 cylinder in-line air cooled engine design. Sturdy construction of all bike components make it pretty much unbreakable in stock trim, although a trifle heavy, as Muzza comments.....but surely not a lead weight.
    It has all the modern conveniences: electric start along with a kick starter on the CORRECT side of the engine (unlike the 500 with NO electric start AND the kicker on the weird side), gear change LED readout indicator on the dash, shifter on the CORRECT side of the engine (no confusing double ended shift shaft like the 500) and perfect NON-SHAKING primary engine balance due to the crank throws being spaced at 120 degrees, unlike the 500 with it's "two connected singles" crank with throws at 180 degrees. The 550 also has the world famous Suzuki pollution-reducing SRIS system (very important in today's "green" world).
    The only thing missing from the 550 was an electronic ignition which can be corrected quite simply with systems available today from 2 different makers of aftermarket items. All in all, a thoroughly modern bike, contrary to the opinions
    of SOME Luddites on this board, even 25 years after the last one rolled off the assembly lines. You really shouldn't pay TOO much heed to the biased opinions of the "twin cylinder" crowd who, for some strange reason, keep hewing to their antiquated twin cylinder engine design. Every "right thinking" person KNOWS that 3 or more cylinders is the "way to go". LOLOLOL


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