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    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 12:48 pm , in reply to "GT380, 550 COMBO MONSTER MOTOR"

    aa) yes, the 380 bottom end will fit the 550 frame, but NO, not a simple
    "bolt-in" procedure.

    bb) no, the 550 top end will NOT bolt on the 380 bottom end. The
    con rod/cylinder centrelines are wider on the 550. Thus you would have to
    SOMEHOW "shave" the sides of the 550 cylinders to make them fit the 380
    cases. As well, the cylinder mounting spigots of the 380 cases are, I
    believe, smaller than the bases of the 550 barrels.

    cc) yes, on the face of it, your theory makes makes sense re: short stroke for
    high RPM. HOWEVER, there are other considerations such as big and small
    end bearing loading values. I believe the 380 rods are narrower in both
    areas than their 550 counterparts. You might not like the (quite probably)
    shorter life of the 380 rods and big end bearings/pins with a 550 top end
    bolted on, assuming you wanted to tackle (and could overcome) the
    problems in aa) and bb) above.

    All in all, an interesting idea...but probably an insoluble set of mechanical obstacles.
    Any comments from anyone else ??


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