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    Dodged the "weather bullet" for 8 hours yesterday....

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 1:16 pm

    for the annual Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group annual Show & Shine.
    About 40 bikes showed...a lot of guys scared off because of the forecast as mentioned below under my "Sucky weather" post.
    About half and half Brit and Japanese stuff. A really nice 1937 ZB34 BSA clubman racer...the last 500 single before the famous DB34 Gold Star was introduced for the 1938 model year.
    Suzuki was well represented with the Water Buffalo King's tricked out Buff, his RE5B, his wife's 380 and my 550 as well as, of all things, a '67 B100P which was somewhat ratty but complete (that's a 120cc street single for you younger readers).
    Unfortunately, no Titans or other Suzi twins showed up.
    I got to ride the RE5 from the WBK's house to the show and back. About a 15 minute ride each way - part freeway/part surface road. Not having ridden one for
    26 years, it was quite an experience again. Smooth, stable, bags of torque on tap and a decidedly different engine note. However....I don't remember the seat being quite that hard. LOLOLOL. Maybe the guy that recovered it used an anvil for padding.....or maybe my butt isn't what it used to be. LOL. I don't think I'd be up to anything more than about 30 minutes in that saddle unless I had some form of additional padding, for sure.
    The sun shone until about 3:00 PM, which was long enough for the show, and then the clouds rolled in and down it came. I had to ride the rotary back in some rain/wet roads and then we were stuck in the WBK's garage for about 3 hours waiting for it to quit so I could get home (no rain suit, you see). Indy now needs a bath and some TLC to be back in showroom shape.
    The CVMG sold out their food concession supplies with the proceeds going to the burn unit of the Children's Hospital so a good cause got some bucks.
    No prizes for Indy, although the Rotary won and so did the 380, so Suzuki took home SOME gold in the form of two $50 gift certificates from the Suzuki dealer whose lot the show was held in. Big Al won a gift certificate for his semi-restored
    brand "H" CB750K0 so was quite pleased. All in all, a good day for Suzuki.
    PS: no brand "Y" or brand "K" on display. I guess they knew better than to show up with all the Suzis there. LOLOL


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