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    Thanks for the thoughts Steve but....

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 10:13 pm , in reply to "Let's come up with another name for H2Rick"

    my H2 "work in progress" eternal project is picking up a LITTLE speed, so to speak. The frame has the front end on and the the wiring.
    The engine needs the outer cases and top end back on. Unfortunately, even though it's a lightweight flexy flier bike, it IS in the basement, so the engine can't go back in the frame until everything is brought back upstairs and outside into the garden shed.
    H2RICK will have to serve unless I sell everything M/C related...which will probably be when I turn 105. Walt Healey, a notable figure in Canadian motorcycling (and a local brand "Y" dealer forever) is 85 or so and STILL rides
    his Venture regularly, although he now has one of those all-weather hacks hooked up it. He started in the M/C business in 1930 selling Indians in Calgary.
    I'd hate to think some guy that sells brand "Y" could outlast me. LOLOL
    Besides RICK is already taken by that brand "K" Triples guru in the UK and I wouldn't want anyone to confuse the two of us.


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