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    Well...sorry about your bubble, TODD, but here's a few more things...

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 10:26 pm , in reply to "OK H2, BUST MY BUBBLE"

    to think about.
    The 380 carbs are, I believe, 22 mm while the 550 uses 28 mm and you want to
    install 32 mm units ??? Hmmm....there may be a problem matching the 32mm units to the 22mm 380 barrel spigots AND hogging out the inlet ports far enough to get the benefits from the 32s.
    Secondly, if memory serves, the exhaust ports wouldn't take the headers of the 550 chambers without substantial enlargement, assuming there would be anything left of the cylinder casting flanges .
    Thirdly...I wonder how much meat would be left on the transfer ports after the bore job to take the 550 pistons ??
    My crystal ball forsees VAST amounts of machine shop time ahead for such a job.
    Just a few random thoughts.

    Maybe some things are better left unattempted ?? Of course, if you've got lots of time and money, anything is possible......keep thinking though, Todd....

    how about a turbo ?? Or maybe something simpler like a nitrous kit (strictly for street use, of course) ?? Or maybe a REALLY radical port job and a big bore kit and some 36mm carbs ?? The ATTAINABLE possibilities are many.


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