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    Well thanks for the kind thought,Todd....but my advice is ALWAYS worth....

    Posted by H2RICK on 6/17/2001, 10:37 pm , in reply to "I didn't want to presume that anyone would want one, but... "

    exactly what you paid for it. I don't mind paying a reasonable price for quality products. It wouldn't exactly be like paying for the "privilege" of having, say, the Microsoft or AT&T or Ford logo on a tee shirt would it ?? You're trying to get ahead, so why shouldn't you sell them ?? It's the capitalist way...and if your design and quality are in the ballpark, they'll sell like hotcakes....although
    there is the risk that the "market" will reject your product and you'll be left with
    50 or 500 or 5000 tee shirts. That, too, is the capitalist way. Good luck and keep us posted on this.
    PS: I, myself, am down on black tee shirts...too Harleyish...but black seems to be 'way cool these days, so who am I to argue with the "gods of fashion".


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