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    T500 racer update

    Posted by Kris Larrivee on 6/18/2001, 11:52 am

    1:30 am, rigged up temporary fuel system, wired injector pump on second notch, 40:1 premix in tank. Choke on, one kick, the motor fires, second kick it roars to life like a screaming banshee, filling my garage with the beautiful smell of burnt Klotz and high octane fuel. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I wondered why I ever bought a four-stroke bike. I blip the throttle a few more times before one of the neighbors comes out to see what in the hell we were being invaded by! What a rush, and I haven't even ridden the thing yet!

    Still have to rig up a rearset linkage. I've got a wrecked Suzi Katana coming in today with good footpegs, I'll see if I can adapt it. The bodywork and tank will be back from the painters this week. Still got jetting and gearing to work out. My boots and gloves came from NEWENOUGH.COM. If you haven't checked these guys out, do it! They have the best deals on used and new gear for all types of riding. I'll keep everyone posted on further progress.



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