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    Help, I think I have an air leak in my GT550....

    Posted by AJ on 6/18/2001, 3:34 pm

    Hi all. I got my bike up and running a while back and have always had a problem with the right cylinder. It doesn't seem to fire and therefore it spits out an oil/gas mixture. I was recently speaking to a co-worker and when I told him about it reving up on its own sometimes and he said it had to be an air leak. I sprayed some WD-40 at the joint between the block and the carburator and it reved up again. He said that it was definitely leaking air around that joint. He also said that it is possible that there might be a leak next to a seak in the crankcase. How can I determine where the problem is. I couldn't find a new boot that goes between the carb and the block. The one they have listed is wrong (much smaller than mine), so getting it from a dealer is out of the question, I think. I clamped it down with some new clamps and it is doing better. I adjusted the idle and mixture screws so it works more frequently, however it still doesn't seem to work at high speeds which is where I need the power the most. If anyone has any suggestion, I would really appreciate some help on this one.

    Thanks again...



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