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    Accomplished riders...

    Posted by Zooke on 6/18/2001, 8:43 pm , in reply to "Thanks to T-Brock's warning, I WILL be there"

    Yes I did. I really do not fit that category, really. When you put me with all the best guys, I am lucky to place in the top ten. In seven years of racing I only have one first place trophy.

    This last Hist Prod race was what AHRMA really wants to see. All bikes Norton, BMW, Moto Guzzi and Suzuki finished within 10 bike lengths of each other in both races.

    If you are an expert and run away from the field you will be asked to leave. And I mean run away. Some of the guys last year lapped the field in Hist Prod.

    John Goodpaster know me well and should he aske me to move on then I will. But until then I will have fun with Hist Prod. And it was finally the best racing of my career. I have never really been able to run with the front guys. An accomplishment for me is when the first three fastest guys don't catch me at the checker and lap me.

    See you there.


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